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Lindsay wark - feeding consultant

Hi, I’m Lindsay. My passion is educating parents about feeding aversions. I want you to know that you are not alone. Wouldn’t it feel good to know there is an alternative solution to your baby’s current feeding challenges?


My beautiful, perfect daughter latched as soon as she was born. I felt confident, proud, and at ease. With my son I had some issues but with my daughter, I was off to a better start -- or so I thought. My ease quickly faded when I was struck with the reality that my baby chose not too eat and was not gaining weight.

Everything about my life changed dramatically and it was a terrifying downward spiral. I was a prisoner in my own home due to her not eating. I would spend my very limited free time googling frantically, trying to find an answer to what was happening. Doctors continued to pump my baby with medication after medication.

I would worry all night long, staring at my baby, desperate to find a way to save her. I was living my worst nightmare. 

I was only getting worse. In addition to the toll this was taking on my daughter, it was taking a very heavy personal toll on me. My relationships began to fall apart. My husband would walk through the door after work to find me crying my eyes out because my daughter only ate 10ML while awake. My friends and family were also sick with worry but didn’t know how to help me. I felt isolated.

I would wince at concerned looks from other moms wondering, "What's wrong with her baby?". My heart would break at the site of chubby newborns happily suckling at their mother's breast. My eyes were blurry with tears as I would hold my own precious baby who would not eat. I wasn’t sure how I would get through the day, let alone the month. But I would fight to stay strong for my family amidst the terrifying unknown. I knew there had to be a solution… I just didn’t know what it was.

After struggling with a feeding aversion with my own sweet baby, after months of trial and error, visits to the emergency room, nights of sheer panic, countless tears, and late nights prayers, I knew I had to make this my life's work. As the dust began to settle on what was one of the most challenging times in my life, I had clarity. My journey was a trying one but there is always a gift. In the end, I found my mission: to help families who are facing feeding aversions to nourish their young.

Nourish Consultancy was born to support you through your challenges, pain & heartache. 

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My knowledge comes from an excruciating personal & raw experience, & from building relationships with parents who are also dealing with the daily struggle to feed their child. 


I am passionate about building awareness regarding behavioural feeding aversions. I never wish for new babies to suffer like mine and so many before them from poor advice, misguided rules and over-diagnosed medical conditions. There is another way and that is precisely what Nourish Consultancy provides.

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Like you, I am a parent. I would go to the ends of the earth for my babies. And like you, I was heartbroken, afraid and desperate to help my baby who faced a behavioural feeding aversion.

My journey to find help took too many wrong roads including over-diagnosed medical conditions and doctors not truly listening.

My job is to listen to you and to help you. My experience is first hand and my consultancy continues to support parents around the world. I am not a doctor. I request all clients receive a medical note from their child's medical care provider to properly diagnose his or her condition. From that point, we can work together to find peace, joy, and freedom from feeding aversion.

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Lindsay has been such amazing support answering all my questions & ensuring me that Heidi would get through this aversion. What is even better is that Lindsay has gone through this herself, so she understands from the bottom of her heart the hurt, stress & fear us mothers are going through. Truly amazing.

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