Jane's Story

Lindsay has been such an amazing resource and support system through our journey to wean our daughter off of her feeding tube and work through her feeding aversion. After being on a feeding tube for months and not drinking anything from a bottle, we decided to try Rowena Bennett’s program with the help of Lindsay. Feeding was such a stressful and discouraging event for us and for our daughter. She would cry at the sight of the bottle and hated feeding time. She finally got to the point where she wouldn’t show any hunger signs and would sleep through her feedings. We tried everything- different bottles, nipples, feeding positions, starting solids early, but nothing worked. However, within a few weeks of working the program with Lindsay, the feeding tube was gone and now our daughter gets all of her nutrition from a bottle. She shows hunger signs, reaches for the bottle and sits calmly in our arms as we feed her. Lindsay provided us with a clear and specific plan that was catered to what our daughter needed. We communicated daily and she would troubleshoot any issues we were having and provide much needed support. I’m not sure how we would have done it without her. I only wished that I found out about feeding aversions and the program sooner,!as it had been such a game changer for us and our daughter! I hope that Lindsay can keep helping other families like she has helped ours.

Words by Kristen, Ontario, Canada

Lindsay Wark