Alexander's Story

“Our life was brought back to us”. This is what I want to start my testimony. But let me start from the beginning… Our son, Alexander, have been having issues with his breathing ever since he was born. As a nurse, it has been even harder for me, as I completely stopped sleeping making sure that he is okay, and we have been sent from a doctor to doctor trying to figure out what is wrong with our little guy. He had his first surgery at 8 months (the earliest that it was possible) and his adenoids were removed due to severe adenoid hypertrophy (enlargement) that was causing over 95% obstruction of his upper airway. Surgery was a horrible experience, and severe post-surgery pain left us with a child that was breathing better but started to refuse to eat anything while awake due to trauma and oral aversion. For months, we have been struggling and things have started getting worse, he wasn’t gaining weight even on heavily fortified formula, was vomiting with every try to feed him solid foods, and even gagging on his bottles. We have continued looking for medical explanations, and it turned out that now it’s his tonsils (grade 4 – touching each other leaving no room for solids) causing all his problems. Another surgery was scheduled when he was 13 months old and has been a blessing, but he was still severely orally aversed. 14 days post-surgery was when we have had our first big talk with Lindsay, trying to figure out if he is ready. He was. We have read the book, Lindsay prepared for us a document to guide us through what is to come and what to expect, and we decided that next day will be our day 1. To say that first days were a nightmare wouldn’t even be enough. It was horrible – our anxieties as parents were through the roof. But Lindsay was there for us EVERY STEP OF THE WAY – responding to every message, and even called in my worst moments to pick me up and offer her support and listen to me while I cry and say that “this is just too hard”. By day 4, we have seen an amazing improvement and by day 6 (yes, day 6!) my son was FREE OF AVERSION! It has been now 3 months since we have completed the program, and he is a champ – growing, taking his bottles, eating solids, being a normal toddler. I will forever be grateful to Lindsay for all the support she has offered us when we needed it the most, and thanks to that we were able to stick with the program and now, we’re enjoying a completely new life for us – a life free of worries, life free of tears, life free of counting millimetres, grams and calories. We have our lives back!

Words by Karolina, California, USA

Bettina Khan