Hannah's Story

Hannah’s feeding aversion began when she was about 3 months old; unfortunately, it took us over a month to realize that’s what it was. As new parents of a long awaited baby, we wanted only the best for our child, which included feeding her around the clock following the amounts we were indicated by medical professionals and several baby books.

Gradually, as she became more aware of her own life, she started refusing the bottle and then the breast. As things got progressively worse, we seeked medical help as well as online research, which mostly pointed towards acid reflux being the problem. We put her on medication and changed the formula, which did help at first, but her aversion would always come back and it seemed to get worse as she was growing.

Things got to the point that she would eat half of what she was eating a month before (mostly feeding asleep or drowsy), and her attitude towards feeding became intolerable for all of us… it was a nightmare.

Luckily, on a day of desperation, we came across Rowena’s book about feeding aversions. We started implementing her guidelines and, within a couple of weeks, things had gotten better. However, Hannah still had some problems such as snack feeding, eating mostly at night, and some conflicting behaviour.

We found Lindsay and booked a consultation with her as soon as possible. She gave us the confidence we needed to continue this process and take it to the next level. She also helped us get our expectations in line with reality.

Our daughter still eats a bit less than even the more conservative guidelines say, and she sometimes gets distracted while eating; but now we know this is part of who she is and we also feel confident knowing she will eat the amount she needs to grow and be healthy.

Feeding Hannah now is a very different story to what it was a few months ago; she now feeds outside so we don't have to keep changing plans or staying home all the time. Her attitude is also so much better as she's now aware that the bottle is not an enemy but what satisfies her hunger.

We are forever thankful to Rowena's book and Lindsay's guidance with treating Hannah's feeding aversion, it truly changed our lives and allowed us to fully enjoy our beautiful daughter.

Words by Juan & Juliana, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Lindsay Wark